40 Oz Pimp: Behind the Scenes with Mandrew Ballshouse | CB199

July 7, 2017

40 Oz Pimp played a show at Championships bar in Trenton, New Jersey. He's now banned from Championships bar. Why? We find out from 40 himself and Mandrew Ballshouse, who was also there that fateful night at Championships.


  • Did Greg punch 40?
  • Who is Greg and why did he grab the mic out of 40's hands during the show?
  • Why did Greg throw 40's case out into the street?
  • Is it Greg Ribsam or Greg Kline?
  • Greg Ribsam dances on a stripper pole during DEMO set
  • Greg Kline sleeps on a couch
  • 40 insults everyone in the room
  • 40's heavy black friend was there
  • 40's fog machine and the black tour case
  • "he couldn't live with the fact that 40 Oz Pimp is headlining" - 40 Oz Pimp
  • is 40 drunk right now?
  • 40 gets angry and yells at us
  • provocative photos 40's ex girlfriend sent to us (no names given)
  • 11 Kates, 15 Jessicas, only 1 Regina
  • Mandrew gives 40 a hug
  • why Mandrew books the 40 Oz Pimp
  • who Mandrew prefers to fight with
  • why Mandrew's girlfriend doesn't like 40


Mandrew Ballshouse donated between $1 and $99 to St. Baldrick's Foundation to conquer childhood cancers. See more here.

Hear more episodes with 40 Oz Pimp here.

Check out this sweet interview video with 40 Oz Pimp:



Jeanne Beard Autism Fresh Approach Advocate | CB198

June 27, 2017

Our guest is Jeanne Beard, the author of Autism & The Rest of Us, How to Sustain a Healthy, Functional and Satisfying Life with a Person on the Autism Spectrum, and Founder of the National Autism Academy. The National Autism Academy's mission is to encourage, educate, and support parents, families, and caregivers of those with autism spectrum disorder. Jeanne takes a new approach to living life with an individual or loved with autism, delivering hope through better understanding and an adjusted focus. We talk with Jeanne about autism, nutrition, and the Squeeze Machine.

Jeanne Beard Topics

  • What is Autism?
  • Jake interviews Jeanne
  • Nutrition, G/I issues and Autism
  • signs of Autism
  • Autism: they're not weirdo's, they're misunderstood.
  • what a bad day looks like for people with Autism
  • don't say "Autistic people," say, "people with Autism"
  • CBD oil for people who are autistic, self-injurious behavior

Jeanne Beard Links

Also In This Episode

  • Jake's septic arthritis



Sharmin Prince: Finding Your Authentic Self | CB197

June 19, 2017

Wayne Wade from Guyana sexually abused Sharmin Prince when she was 5 years old, and hundreds of other girls by her estimation. As a survivor of sexual abuse, Sharmin developed masks to cope with trauma, she did not know they were there, so she lived with them. We talk with Sharmin about masks, rape, finding your authentic self, and how to be a survivor of sexual abuse. 

Sharmin Prince

Sharmin Prince


Wayne Wade in Guyana

Let's talk about this Wayne Wade guy for a second.
According to Sharmin Prince, Wayne Wade is an unprosecuted child molester who lives in Guyana. Prince says Wayne Wade, Prince's uncle, penetrated her when she was 5 years old. Wayne also allegedly molested many of Sharmin's family members, and Prince estimates that Wayne Wade has raped hundreds of girls.
Wayne Wade has never faced any repercussions for raping hundreds of girls, and he lives in Guyana. Watch out for this guy. If you're around Guyana, go scope this guy out and see if he's still raping little girls all the time. If so, maybe you can prosecute him. Or at least spread the word: don't send your children over to Wayne Wade's house to play.

Sharmin Prince Topics

We also talk with Sharmin Prince about:
  • confronting Wayne Wade about sexually abusing her
  • sexual abuse in families
  • What are masks?
  • No Wade
  • Watch Out for Wade
  • Lil Wayne was raped

Sharmin Prince Links

Sharmin Prince is a Life Coach, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, and PhD candidate.


You can get in touch with her at splifecoaching@yahoo.com.


Captain Tonz and the Missing Camel | CB196

June 12, 2017

Captain Tonz is a real pirate, and we love having him on the show. We did an early show in the afternoon on a Sunday just for Captain Tonz and it took hours to get him on. It was well worth it, as we get to hear the Camel Story and many other great pirate yarns.

Captain Tonz Topics

  • "We don't get paid for dead camels." -Captain Tonz

  • Fifteen wives.

  • C - F - and - G

  • P. Hardaway. A. Hardaway. 

  • Race talk about skin color and blacks and whites Vs the blacks and the whites. 

  • The camel story.

  • Megan singing at the bar karaoke 

  • Ukulele jamz. C - F - and - G

  • Plainfield Blues - Big Damn Band jam.

  • My old lady she got laid off and I just couldn't work with my boss oh yeah. We're moving on. Goin. To Plainfield. You know we gots to get along.

  • Tonz gets tag teamed.

  • 590 camels.

  • Cameo by Captain Tonz.

  • The nicely glitch after the technical glitch.

  • Camel smuggling.

  • $2200 per camel in the 70s

  • Tonz smuggled 200 African buffalo on the same boat.

  • Smuggling DODGY WOOD on the Soviet-controlled Black Sea.

  • International camel dispute. Romania Vs. Bulgaria. Whose camel is this?


Captain Tonz Links

  • CaptainTonz.com
  • Click the image below to check out The 13th Day written by Captain Tonz

    Captain Anthony B Cummins Tonz: a Pirate Autobiography | the 13th Day


Suicide Special with Carl David Suicide Prevention Advocate | CB195

June 5, 2017

Carl David's brother committed suicide when Carl was just 16. Now Carl is on a mission to save lives... even if it's just one. 40 Oz Pimp joins us as we talk with Carl David about suicide and how to stop it.

Carl David: Suicide Prevention Advocate Topics

  • reasons people commit suicide
  • what you should do if you suspect someone may be considering taking their life
  • suicide statistics
  • 40 Oz Pimp drops 8 lb weight on his foot
  • 40 reveals what's in the Folder (incl. Bill Clinton photo)
  • Jake messed up his leg, mystery problem, doctors can't figure it out.
  • Chris does a great chimpanzee impression

Buy Carl's book here...

Bader Field: How My Family Survived Suicide by [David, Carl]

Suicide Prevention Chat

If you feel suicidal or someone you know does, you can talk to someone here on Chat:

Suicide Prevention Phone Hotline

Or call this phone number: 1-800-273-8255


Skips Stones For Fudge Filmmakers plus Cuddy D | CB194

May 29, 2017

We talk to Daniel Skaggs & Ryan Seitz of Highway Goat Productions about their new competitive stone skipping documentary Skips Stones for Fudge. And 40 Oz Pimp helps us interview Vicki, Courtney, Steve Perri aka Cuddy D, and Jim Perrifrom from the Cuddy D Show.

Daniel Skaggs & Ryan Seitz, Skips Stones for Fudge Topics

  • rules of competitive stone skipping
  • living with Russ the stone skipper for a month
  • talking with Kurt, the mountain man
  • unreleased crazy dirtbike movie, the Great American coming out soon
  • largest hill climb in the world
  • never been seen

Highway Goat Productions Links

Cuddy D Links


Justine Hemmestad Part 1 | CB193

May 22, 2017

We make contact with author Justine Hemmestad, plus 40 Oz Pimp and Ramzy Sweis.


Betsy Pake: Start Small Live Big! | CB192

May 15, 2017

Go big or go home? Betsy Pake says, "no way!" Betsy says her "Start Small Live Big" philosophy can help you lead a happier life. We talk to Betsy about creating a vision, finding joy, getting motivated, NLP, and Fergalicious.

Betsy Pake Topics

  • start small to live big
  • are you tricking yourself into thinking you're happy?
  • what is living big?
  • helping her daughter with anxiety
  • how the amigdala stops you from doing something new
  • fergalicious
  • infinite possibilities
  • Start Small Live Big 30-Day Challenge

Betsy Pake Links

Click the image below to get Betsy Pake's book, Start Small Live Big:

Start Small Live Big by Betsy Pake

Also check out betsypake.com for more info or to get in touch with Betsy!

Take the Start Small Live Big 30-Day Challenge for free!


MIDI Monday | CB191

May 8, 2017

Epic MIDI showdown! Can Jake identify MIDI versions of popular songs? We find out in this exciting song trivia challenge!

MIDI Links

Check out midifree.org to download your own MIDIs and join in the fun!


My Grandma Died | CB190

May 1, 2017

Chris gives his honest thoughts on his grandmother's recent death. Produced by Jake, with Jake on drums, this episode also features a remake of Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone," and a serious MIDI party for your enjoyment.