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August 8, 2016

Stress: it'll get ya. Mary Wingo, Ph.D spent 20 years studying human stress, so she should know. Mary was so stressed living in the USA that she freaked out and left the country! Now she's chillin' stress-free in Ecuador, hanging out with Jack Shitt, teaching businesses how to overcome the trillion dollar losses that stress causes every year, and singing Christmas songs in the Amazon rain forest (see Links below). Sounds like a blast to me!

Mary's first book, The Impact of the Human Stress Response, makes understanding human stress fun!  Mary says she didn't even want to write the book at first. But then she did. And the rest is history.

We talk with Mary about what stress is, the root causes of stress, how to overcome stress, why she left the United States, where Ecuador is, and why it's so important to just take it easy, man.


Mary Wingo, Ph.D Topics

  • Psychological processes of stress
  • Does stress cause disease?
  • Is Mary stressed out from studying stress all the time?
  • How our bodies have adapted to stress
  • "Stress IS adaptation."
  • Disruptive environments
  • Morphology
  • Mary's wild adventures in South America with Jack Shitt
  • Low cost of living in Ecuador
  • Mary gives advice for Jake's deposition situation
  • How to deal with big stress issues
  • How stress shuts down your rational thinking brain
  • People who are all whacked out on stress
  • Stress causing allergies
  • Do chemtrails cause stress? Prince said they do
  • Relationship stress
  • How to de-stress
  • The unstable stage of our current system
  • Can you be stress-free living in USA?
  • Demigog? What's a demigog?

Mary Wingo, Ph.D Links

Check out Mary's website at: marywingo.com

Click the image below to check out Mary's book!

Watch Mary dance and lip-sync Christmas songs in the Amazon rainforest at the link below. What a groovy scientist!

Also In This Episode

  • Jake's multiple compartments
  • Jake's Vent bag
  • Cucumbers
  • Friendship Water
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Heads up: the HFL part starts around the 26:00 mark, with a sweet song about Tom Hanks.

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