Stan Deyo Found Lost City Of Atlantis, Thinks Donald Trump Does Not Lie | CB182

March 6, 2017

Stan Deyo has found the lost city of Atlantis. But can Chris convince Mr. Deyo that Donald Trump is a liar? Also: Stay tuned for an Intense Ukulele Jam at the end!

Stan Deyo Topics

  • finding the lost city of Atlantis
  • Solomon's gold
  • Muslims own Atlantis
  • Ancient Aliens
  • return of the Sumerian gods
  • nephilim returning to earth in Atlantis
  • is Donald Trump a liar?

Stan Deyo Links

Also In This Episode

  • dual miking
  • Fat Mike's musical Home Street Home
  • a small brush (electrical) fire
  • intense Uke jam session



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