Steve Aukstakalnis Practical Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality | CB188

April 17, 2017

Steve Aukstakalnis (Awk-sta-call-niss) is an author, research scientist, instructor, and consultant to government and industry in the area of Augmented and Virtual Reality. We talk with Steve about using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in hospitals, court rooms, and helping soldiers with PTSD.

Steve Aukstakalnis Topics

  • why is augmented reality on the tips of our tongues?
  • existing applications of augmented and virtual reality
  • hospitals and surgeons using virtual reality right now
  • virtual reality movies
  • virtual porn
  • the dismounted soldier virtual reality in military
  • schools using virtual reality
  • treating Alzheimer's, dementia, post traumatic stress syndrome with virtual reality

Steve Aukstakalnis Links

  • Click the image below to check out Steve's book:

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