Warren Rodwell Wants No Refugees and Defends So-Called President Trump | CB179

February 13, 2017

Warren Rodwell was kidnapped by Muslim militants for 472 days. Now he's back on the Chris Brake Show to talk about Donald Trump, Australian refugees who aren't really Australian, and how a man named George Soros controls the world.

Warren Rodwell Topics

  • the gout
  • po·dag·ras
  • donald trump calls australia
  • george soros controls the world
  • bernie sanders death threats
  • Rolf Harris
  • reality check
  • ways to kill yourself
  • feminazis
  • Abu Sayyaf terrorists caught
  • "Situation Not Normal" by Warren Rodwell with Mad Cowboy Disease

Warren Rodwell Links

Also In This Episode - 10 Minutes With Jake!

Jake talks about...

  • Andrew "Dice" Clay aka the Diceman
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline
  • Unique Suicide Prevention
  • Un-PC Twitter Jokes

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