Stephanie Michele: Full of Grace | CB189

April 25, 2017

Stephanie Michele is a Certified Behavioral Analyst, Consumer Retention Specialist, Certified N.L.P. Practitioner and Founder of “No Text or Next.”

Stephanie Michele Topics

  • How is SMS messaging impacting the quality of our relationships?
  • How is SMS messaging impacting the quality of our relationships?
  • What relating exercises are important to practice on a regular basis?
  • Cacti
  • Getting catfished


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Steve Aukstakalnis Practical Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality | CB188

April 17, 2017

Steve Aukstakalnis (Awk-sta-call-niss) is an author, research scientist, instructor, and consultant to government and industry in the area of Augmented and Virtual Reality. We talk with Steve about using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in hospitals, court rooms, and helping soldiers with PTSD.

Steve Aukstakalnis Topics

  • why is augmented reality on the tips of our tongues?
  • existing applications of augmented and virtual reality
  • hospitals and surgeons using virtual reality right now
  • virtual reality movies
  • virtual porn
  • the dismounted soldier virtual reality in military
  • schools using virtual reality
  • treating Alzheimer's, dementia, post traumatic stress syndrome with virtual reality

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  • Click the image below to check out Steve's book:

Also In This Episode

  • legend of Marty the Party

Dr Mary Wingo Chills Out For A Stress Free Show | CB187

April 10, 2017

World's #1 human stress expert Dr. Mary Wingo evaluates 40 Oz Pimp's frontal lobe trauma and talks about using Ayahuasca to treat alcoholism. De-stress with this chill episode of the Chris Brake Show!

Dr Mary Wingo Topics

  • what it's like living in the Amazon rain forest
  • how many bugs are in Ecuador?
  • taking the craziest bus or canoe
  • Shaur Indians
  • 40's frontal lobe trauma
  • stress management programs
  • Mary's stress evaluation app
  • Fukushima altering people's DNA?
  • using Ayahuasca to treat alcoholism

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Also In This Episode

  • swim
  • dob bro drug
  • erowid
  • Scholastic book fair

Dr Gleb Tsipursky Intentional Insights | CB186

April 3, 2017

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky helps people make wise decisions and avoid disastrous effects of bad decision making. We talk with Gleb about altruism, tradition vs truth, lizard brain, and his Rationality Starter Package.

Gleb Tsipursky Topics

  • what is altruism?
  • things conservative people value more than the truth
  • tradition vs truth
  • real politik
  • emotional decision making vs rational decision making
  • moldovia
  • lizard brain
  • rational approaches to violence
  • rationality starter package
  • Gleb's favorite movie
  • day in the life of Gleb Tsipursky


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Mike Guido: Comedian and Rob Schneider’s Friend | CB185

March 27, 2017

Is 'guido' as offensive as the n-word? Mike Guido doesn't want us to find out. Who is Mike Guido? Mike Guido's got a one-person stage show that he didn't want to talk about. He's best friends with Rob Schneider. Then Mike Guido hangs up on us for asking if 'guido' is as offensive as the n-word. Excellent interview!

Mike Guido Topics

  • is 'guido' an offensive word?
  • is 'guido' as offensive as the n-word?
  • weighs in
  • Mike Guido hangs up on us
  • we call Italian restaurants asking, "Is 'guido' an offensive word?"

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Also In This Episode

  • joe murray's life perspective
  • Chris goes to see the Cubs trophy in Indianapolis, and a lady yells at him

Liam Ryan: Cancer Guy | CB184

March 20, 2017

Liam Ryan should have died, many times. He had one of the worst cases of cancer ever, but now he doesn't. Liam tells us how he survived cancer, and Pong Fong-e weighs in on Chris Brake's Donald Trump Facebook shenanigans.


  • school bus driving on the sidewalk
  • dentists, needles, and arteries
  • Jake gets a raise?
  • Pong Fong-e's Russian political forecast
  • not bribing Russian police
  • Facebook fun with Trump supporters
  • Liam Ryan's best cancer story ever, hands-down.

Liam Ryan Links

Liam Ryan "Cancer 4, Me 5 (After Extra Time)

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Juggler Michael Ferreri Comedian Brian Shirley | CB183

March 13, 2017

Michael Ferreri holds a world record in juggling. Brian Shirley has over 20 years in the comedy business. A juggler and a comedian, you know this episode's going to be good!

Michael Ferreri Topics

  • Switzerland: is it connected to Spain?
  • 4th generation juggler
  • world record fastest ball juggler
  • michael's patented trick
  • joggling
  • treatment of animals
  • chris brake show rooster booster

Brian Shirley Topics

  • why comics don't get paid
  • 20+ years in comedy business
  • comedy workshops
  • Bengleton Socks
  • mr bungle
  • 7th inning stretch
  • professor graviton saves the universe

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Stan Deyo Found Lost City Of Atlantis, Thinks Donald Trump Does Not Lie | CB182

March 6, 2017

Stan Deyo has found the lost city of Atlantis. But can Chris convince Mr. Deyo that Donald Trump is a liar? Also: Stay tuned for an Intense Ukulele Jam at the end!

Stan Deyo Topics

  • finding the lost city of Atlantis
  • Solomon's gold
  • Muslims own Atlantis
  • Ancient Aliens
  • return of the Sumerian gods
  • nephilim returning to earth in Atlantis
  • is Donald Trump a liar?

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Also In This Episode

  • dual miking
  • Fat Mike's musical Home Street Home
  • a small brush (electrical) fire
  • intense Uke jam session



Attorney Kelsey L Schulz On Billy Crank vs Chris Brake Show | CB181

February 27, 2017

Someone says you must remove something from your podcast or blog. What do you do? We talk with Kelsey Shulz, an entertainment lawyer at Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson in Los Angeles to find out. And Tyler asks her about her cats.

Kelsey Shulz Entertainment Lawyer Topics

  • fair use
  • Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP
  • Dance Moms
  • 30 second rule copyright
  • how to tell if you are fair use
  • new Britney Spears sound alikes

Kelsey Shulz Entertainment Lawyer Links

Also In This Episode - 10 Mins with Jake

  • Jake's favorite crazy baseball play
  • new 4 balls rule in baseball
  • You are Under Arrest!

Billy Crank Again Tells Us He Is Not The New Ernest P Worrell | CB180

February 20, 2017

Let this proclamation go throughout the land: Billy Crank will not be in the Son of Ernest movie. That's okay though, because he's got a lot of wonderful things in the works. 

Billy Crank Topics

  • Billy Crank is not going to be in Son of Ernest

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Also In This Episode

Dr Robert is not amused by the large size of Vito's balls. Chris takes it up a notch.
  • lick-balls-meme.jpg
  • suck-vitos-big-balls-guinea-pig-meme.jpg