Michael Tamez: Inspirational Weight Loss | CB177

January 30, 2017

Can Michael Tamez inspire our listeners? He guarantees he can, as he shares his troubling story of heartbreak and a slide into an overeating depressive fog. Tamez used to be morbidly obese, suffered from sleep apnea, gum disease, you name it. Now he's cured himself of all his ailments and he wants to tell you how to do it at home for yourself.

Plus: Chris buys a human rib bone.

Michael Tamez Topics

  • troubling things
  • diet is bullshit
  • foot pain
  • arch supports
  • McDonald's
  • smokin cigarettes
  • McGriddles
  • Julian Assange's sunlight lamp
  • (almost) losing teeth
  • start doing a budget
  • stop blaming people
  • salvia
  • druggies
  • 7th inning stretch
  • United States of America, Incorporated
  • athiest necklace
  • flying spaghetti monster

Michael Tamez Links

Click the image below to check out Michael's book!

Transformative Nutrition by Michael Tamez


Human Rib Bone Link

Click the image below to see the human rib bone that Chris got from Amazon.



Sister Keri Burnor ‘Nun On The Run’ plus Tracee Sioux ‘Year Of Yes!’ | CB176

January 23, 2017

Is the Cathoic Church trying to kill Sister Keri Burnor? Sister Keri thinks so. She was sexually assaulted by a Catholic priest, and now she's the Nun on the Run. 

Tracee Sioux is a life coach and author of The Year of YES! and Soul vs. Ego Smackdown and 12 other books. Year of YES! features a racy photograph of Tracee on the front cover.


Sister Keri Burnor Topics

  • priest touching her boob in 2001
  • Knights Templar
  • Crusades: good or bad?
  • good Catholics who helped
  • "Catholic church suppresses the truth" song
  • nanotechnology
  • monks forcing 50 year olds to do sex rituals
  • Mike Poop
  • magnets
  • vortexes
  • sheet-rock
  • biological agents used to kill you'
  • Sister Burnor's solution to gang stalking

Sister Keri Burnor Links




Tracee Sioux Topics

Tracee Sioux Links

Click the image below to check out Tracee's book:

Tracee Sioux Bares All for The Year of Yes!
Tracee Sioux Bares All for The Year of Yes! (no actual nudity in the book)




Also In This Episode

Stick around to hear Tracee Sioux and Nun on the Run Sister Keri Burnor interview each other! Only on the Chris Brake Show.


Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Day | CB175

January 16, 2017

Experience Martin Luther King, Jr. like never before! Chris Brake reads King, Jr.'s lesser-known 1967 speech "Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence" in its entirety with One Of The Worlds Greatest Gospel Organ Players backing him up. We also explore the infamous FBI suicide letter written to Martin Luther King, Jr, and Jake describes a cave!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Topics

Martin Luther King, Jr. Links


Kellen Kautzman Internet Marketer and Suicide King | CB174

January 9, 2017

Kellen Kautzman refuses to answer a hypothetical question and a new character (K-SHAQ) joins the show, and plays the melodica. This is really one for the books, folks!

Kellen Kautzman Topics

  • Kellen Kautzman's Internet Marketing Sizzle Reel
  • Electronic seating, assigned seats at Showplace 16
  • What is reserved seating in a movie theater?
  • Denzel movie, Fences
  • Sleeping during movies
  • The spelling of Rogue 1
  • Cell-made man
  • Blood sells
  • Gay Trolls
    Deep web
  • Password protected Facebook pages?

Kellen Kautzman Links

  • kellenkautzman.com
  • twitter.com/kellenkautzman

Corey Poirier, That Speaker Guy | CB173

January 2, 2017

Corey Poirier goes by "The Modern Day Napoleon Hill" on the streets. But... who is Napoleon Hill? We find out. Also, Corey says he's a TEDx Speaker, an International Best-Selling Author and an Award Winning Speaker. Corey Poirier interviews over 3000 Enlightened Super-Achievers over there on his podcast. That must be exhausting!


Corey Poirier Topics

  • thatspeakerguy.com
  • who is napoleon hill
  • TEDx
  • Corey Poirier net worth
  • fathers
  • rallying up the troops
  • iupui's alcohol injection study
  • Alberta Hub: How?
  • corey's podcast

Corey Poirier Links


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John Fuller and Jason on Challenging Diversity | CB172

December 27, 2016


John Fuller's a white guy who does diversity education. He has held high profile diversity positions in the military, civilian, and federal arenas. JF says diversity education is a giant failure, and he's gonna tell us all about it. And later, Chicago hip hop superstar "Times Eyes" aka Jason joins us live from the dojo to give us his perspective on racial stuff and karate.


John Fuller Topics

  • challenging diversity? what's that supposed to mean!?
  • study shows black guys don't tip?
  • challenging Diversity Education
  • diversity education making the white man feel terrible
  • Mister Morris
  • inner-city busing

Jason Topics

  • ambiverts
  • the indomitable soul
  • karate
  • training in a diverse dojo

John Fuller Links


America's Diversity Meltdown by John Fuller

Times Eyes Links

Also In This Episode

"Everyone's A Little Racist" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RovF1zsDoeM


Clownalyn Monroe, Bridget The Midget, Robinn Lange, Barby Ingle from iPain | CB171

December 19, 2016

Clownalyn Monroe and porn star Bridget the Midget help us interview entertainment business expert & author Robinn Lange and President of the iPain Foundation Barby Ingle.


  • Clownalyn Monroe's marriage to Wee-Man
  • nude cartwheels
  • Robinn Lange's thoughts on clowns in the entertainment industry
  • does popping joints cause arthritis?
  • Barby Ingle's chiropractic nightmare
  • Barby on Extreme Time Cheaters


Clownalyn Monroe: http://twitter.com/ClownalynMonroe

Bridget the Midget/Bridget Powers/Bridget Powerz/Cheryl Murphy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridget_Powers

Robinn Lange: http://www.entertainmentopportunities.com/

Barby Ingle: http://www.barbyingle.com/


At The Ballpark with Steven Horne Pro Herbalist | CB170

December 12, 2016

Steven Horne can teach you how to identify and remove the cause of your health problems, not just treat symptoms. We talk with Steven about using herbs to cure diseases, mucus membranes, guinea pigs, and how to cure a cold in 24 hours. And don't miss Donald Trump singing the 7th inning stretch!


Steven Horne Topics

  • government FDA monopoly
  • herbs curing diseases
  • horseradish
  • the Fountain
  • relieving symptoms vs curing diseases
  • how to cure a cold in 24 hours
  • a real native american sweat lodge
  • mucus membranes
  • guinea pigs
  • bore glue
  • peyote ceremony
  • how to make your own tinctures
  • treating ringworm in guinea pigs and humans
  • kava kava

Steven Horne Links

Buy Steven's book by clicking on the image below:

Modern Herbalist Despensatory by Steven Horne

Other Steven Horne Links:

Also In This Episode

  • donald trump sings the 7th inning stretch
  • stadium sound of the week featuring WFOD
  • @jakestoned420

At The Ballpark with Special Ed Roman plus Ryan Biddulph Island Hopping Blogger; Hey, Boy! | CB169

December 5, 2016

Welcome to the ballpark with "Special Ed" Roman and Ryan Biddulph. One is an Award-winning singer/songwriter, the other has authored 126 books on Amazon about making money traveling and blogging, and wants to teach you how to do it too. Don't miss our 7th Inning Stretch Special Guest: "Special Ed" Roman!

"Special Ed" Roman Topics

  • travelling
  • soaking in the joos
  • ballparks in africa
  • abandoned ballparks
  • 800 cows
  • ed roman's song "comin my way"
  • rhythm of the times

Ryan Biddulph Topics

  • thailand
  • wild travel stories
  • ladyboys
  • street walkers
  • attacked in catmando
  • hey boy
  • grinning and bearing it
  • exotic locales
  • V-I-C-E
  • housesitting in bali
  • blogging
  • driver ants + africa
  • pet sitting
  • trustedhousesitters
  • are you on the spectrum

"Special Ed" Roman Links

Get "Special Ed" Roman's new album Red Omen by clicking the album art below:

"Special Ed" Roman, "Red Omen"

Other links:






Ryan Biddulph Links

Ryan can teach you how to retire to a life of island-hopping blogging!

Check out his site at https://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/

Other links:



Also In This Episode

  • jake's bad burger experience
  • nate nick bang borg, thanks
  •  gift cards
  •  green gift cards

Thomas E (TED) Boyce, PHD Applied Psychologist | CB168

November 28, 2016

Thomas E (TED) Boyce aka TED Boyce works Fortune 100 companies throughout the world. His job is to save people like miners from dying. So naturally he's a supreme candidate for an interview on the ol' Chris Brake Show! We talk with TED about toys, bad employees, persuasion, and the 40 Oz Pimp.


Thomas E. 'TED' Boyce Topics

  • easy tweak to make your workplace better
  • what to do with the bad employees
  • first job
  • evidence based leadership
  • NLP
  • psychology of holiday toys
  • how to stop responding emotionally
  • power of persuasion
  • TED & the Startup

Thomas E 'TED' Boyce Links

Also In This Episode

We get an update on the 40 Oz Pimp from the 40 Oz Pimp himself! Here's the link to 40's new podcast that we talk about in this episode:
40 Oz Pimp Certified Platinum Radio Hour
Here's the Ask Bubbe doll that we have in the episode:
Ask Bubbe