40 Oz Pimp: Behind the Scenes with Mandrew Ballshouse | CB199

July 7, 2017

40 Oz Pimp played a show at Championships bar in Trenton, New Jersey. He's now banned from Championships bar. Why? We find out from 40 himself and Mandrew Ballshouse, who was also there that fateful night at Championships.


  • Did Greg punch 40?
  • Who is Greg and why did he grab the mic out of 40's hands during the show?
  • Why did Greg throw 40's case out into the street?
  • Is it Greg Ribsam or Greg Kline?
  • Greg Ribsam dances on a stripper pole during DEMO set
  • Greg Kline sleeps on a couch
  • 40 insults everyone in the room
  • 40's heavy black friend was there
  • 40's fog machine and the black tour case
  • "he couldn't live with the fact that 40 Oz Pimp is headlining" - 40 Oz Pimp
  • is 40 drunk right now?
  • 40 gets angry and yells at us
  • provocative photos 40's ex girlfriend sent to us (no names given)
  • 11 Kates, 15 Jessicas, only 1 Regina
  • Mandrew gives 40 a hug
  • why Mandrew books the 40 Oz Pimp
  • who Mandrew prefers to fight with
  • why Mandrew's girlfriend doesn't like 40


Mandrew Ballshouse donated between $1 and $99 to St. Baldrick's Foundation to conquer childhood cancers. See more here.

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