Dr Mary Wingo Chills Out For A Stress Free Show | CB187

April 10, 2017

World's #1 human stress expert Dr. Mary Wingo evaluates 40 Oz Pimp's frontal lobe trauma and talks about using Ayahuasca to treat alcoholism. De-stress with this chill episode of the Chris Brake Show!

Dr Mary Wingo Topics

  • what it's like living in the Amazon rain forest
  • how many bugs are in Ecuador?
  • taking the craziest bus or canoe
  • Shaur Indians
  • 40's frontal lobe trauma
  • stress management programs
  • Mary's stress evaluation app
  • Fukushima altering people's DNA?
  • using Ayahuasca to treat alcoholism

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Also In This Episode

  • swim
  • dob bro drug
  • erowid
  • Scholastic book fair

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